Service – more than just a word.

Service can mean a lot, but it can also mean close to nothing. For this reason, we would like to redefine the meaning of service for our welding technology. In our view, ‘Service‘ is defined by a broad portfolio of offers:

Cost optimization

Sustainable investments with SKS.

Our modular concept with a highest possible degree of downward compatibility provides for the quick and easy integration of new components and developments.

The open architecture ensures the sustainability of the whole system. Our latest example: microMIG. Based on a simple software update, we developed an innovative welding process that has been implemented using SKS standard components. With this approach, we make sure – already during the development of the components – that our customers benefit from cost savings with respect to warehousing requirements (less different components) and usability (only one type of controller / power source).

Furthermore, we develop solutions to update existing systems in line with the latest state of the art in the field of welding technology.