Service – more than just a word.

Service can mean a lot, but it can also mean close to nothing. For this reason, we would like to redefine the meaning of service for our welding technology. In our view, ‘Service‘ is defined by a broad portfolio of offers:

Maintenance / Repair


Extra long service life.

The service life of systems is affected by many factors ranging from the quality of the equipment to the quality of the field technician performing maintenance and repair services. Our highly qualified technical staff ensures an optimized transfer of knowledge. We train our customers’ employees on site to enable them to independently perform required maintenance tasks.

Our systems are designed to achieve extremely long service lives. A plug & play concept ensures the quick and easy exchange of the system components. When components are replaced, no readjustments or an adaptation of the power source or wire feeder is required. Quick change adapters in all torch systems provide for a quick exchange of the torch necks, in most cases even without any tools. If a control unit must be replaced the data of the weld process controllers can be saved and reloaded into the replacement unit, production can be resumed immediately.


Additionally, the dimensions and weight of our system components are optimized for fast logistics. This means that we can use the reliable and well-developed network of logistics experts as UPS, TNT, FedEx and others providing for a reliable overnight supply of spare parts and components.

What makes our products so special is the highest possible availability and extremely long service life – because if there is one thing we don’t want it’s a thriving spare parts business.

Made in Germany – Made by SKS.