SKS Welding Systems is renowned in the automotive industry for flexibility and sustainability. An example of this approach is a special setup that was developed based on the results of customer projects. A fast cyclic parameter change in the welding process offers users further potential for process optimization.

[Kaiserslautern, 27 April 2022] Evaluating customer experiences, conducting welding tests and improving results is a core competence of SKS. These findings are collected worldwide by SKS’s customer centers and welding test labs, then evaluated in the headquarters in Kaiserslautern. In a further step, the findings are translated into practical applications. From this process emerged a special configuration in two versions, with the ability of extending the parameter adjustment and widening the range and flexibility of welding processes: DP-Basic and DP-Fast.

DP stands for Dual Phase. A controlled oscillation of the weld pool is achieved with a periodic change between two wire feed speeds and/or power parameters. The resulting expansion and contraction of the weld pool ensures better gap bridging and improved flow properties. The controlled switching of the power ranges enables accurate heat control. This can reduce the formation of pores when joining aluminum or coated steel materials. The chevron weld seam appearance achieved, meets the high demands placed on visible weld seams.

DP-Basic can be used for all SKS welding processes. DP-Fast can be combined with the processes MIG/MAG, I- and KF-pulse thus enabling a wide range of applications. By increasing the frequency to 25 Hz in the case of the DP-Fast, fine seam chevrons and good outflow of the seam edges can be achieved even at high welding speeds. The expert mode of the weld process controller offers even finer settings, allowing users to come as close as possible to the optimal process.

This new setup is available free of charge for all users of SKS standard systems to improve their welding results.

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