04.09.19: SKS at the SCHWEISSEN in Linz:

SKS at the SCHWEISSEN in Linz: Focus on Industry 4.0 and Mechanical Droplet Detachment

At the SCHWEISSEN 2019 trade fair for joining, cutting, surfacing and testing technologies in the Design Center in Linz/Austria, SKS will be showcasing future-oriented welding capabilities with “Concept 2020” alongside the extended Frontpull torch series for heat-reduced welding.

Welding has come a long way from manual welding technology to fully automated welding lines. The digitalization of welding parameters put an end to the prejudice that arc welding-based production processes are associated with smoke, dirt and welding spatter. The continuous improvement of process control systems paves the way for cleaner welding cells. Electronically controlled processes including the control of power, voltage, time windows, and even mechanical droplet detachment established welding as an efficient joining method – especially for highly automated applications.

The advent of modern factories and concepts such as “Industry 4.0”, “Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)” and “Industry 2025” have opened up further possibilities to make welding even more efficient. As early as 2007, SKS and their technology partners already developed an application that would come under the heading “Industry 4.0” today. This application involves an interface that was created using a newly developed communication protocol to communicate with the robot. The robot transmits the current speed to the welding system, which fully automatically adjusts the parameters: SYNCHROWELD.

VSKS now takes this concept one step further. A welding system with more than 20 years of backward compatibility provided the basis for the development of an innovative welding machine concept. This concept will be able to meet the future requirements for new production concepts regarding communication, integration and usability in the context of Industry 4.0. In addition to this, it will feature – just as the current generation of SKS welding technology – a future-proof design.

Along with Concept 2020 and the SKS standard torch systems supported by SKS's proprietary KF-Pulse welding process that considers current and voltage, SKS will showcase the Frontpull series that is based on our proven Power Feeder technology. A key feature of Power Feeder is the reliable mechanical droplet detachment technology removing the droplets applying a reverse movement of the wire. Proprietary welding processes such as microMIG featuring mechanical droplet detachment with intermediate pulses, or microMIG-cc with its purely mechanical droplet detachment offer a wide range of applications that can be covered by standard SKS components.

Learn more and visit us at the SCHWEISSEN trade fair on 10-12 September 2019 at the Design Center Linz (Austria), Hall DC, Stand 431.

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