16.12.19: SKS Customer Center opened in Spain and South Africa

With the opening of the SKS Soldadura Robotica Arco Voltaico S.L. and SKS Welding (Pty) Ltd, SKS continues to expand its subsidiary network.

SKS Customer Centers utilize local welding experts with high application-related competence. This highly qualified specialist staff, with the support from their technical team, SKS counteracts the trend of ever-decreasing availability of well-trained specialists. This country specific, solution-oriented support team creates the value-added resource for local customers to access expert knowledge at any time.

Customer Centers have the capability of weld parameter and process development for customer specific parts. Feasibility studies on prototypes, including a comprehensive welding test report in the local language for documentation purposes are part of the portfolio of services offered. In addition, the stocking of SKS product and genuine replacement parts, in country, completes the full value-added proportion that is offered to local customers.

With these two new openings, in Spain and in South Africa, SKS offers a high availability of local welding machine components and the practical application of SKS equipment through expert knowledge.

The owner-managed company SKS Welding Systems from Kaiserslautern has been serving industrial users of automated welding technology for 30 years. The focus of business activity is on the automotive and supplier industry. Since its founding in 1989, the welding technology specialist has secured a leading position in this technology sector with the practical implementation of its innovative ideas in the field of robot welding technology.

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For further information, visit www.sks-welding.com
Contact: martin.stenger@de.sks-welding.com

Contact for this press release:

SKS Welding Systems GmbH
Marie-Curie-Str. 14
67661 Kaiserslautern/Germany
Martin Stenger M.A.
Public Relations
Tel.: +49(0)6301/7986-125
Fax: +49(0)6301/7986-29125
E-Mail: martin.stenger@de.sks-welding.com

Location in Spain:

SKS Soldadura Robotica Arco Voltaico S.L.
Calle Olivo, 29
50171 La Puebla de Alfinden
Saragossa, Spanien

Contact in Spain:
Omar Madero
General Manager
Tel + 34 607 82 97 91


Location in South Africa:
SKS Welding Systems (Pty) Ltd
Willow Road Business Park,
Unit 27 Block B, 141-145 Willow Road,
Fairview, Port Elizabeth 6070
South Africa

Kontakt in Südafrika:
Peet Claasen
General Manager
Mobil + 27 76 261 1683