Contact tips

Our Power Lock contact tips are fastened to the retaining head via a high-precision thread. Tapered design around the thread’s surface provides for enhanced heat dissipation, a higher TCP reproducibility and a better arc quality (based on the optimized power transmission / larger transmission area).

Contact tips are available for wire diameters from 0.8 to 1.6 mm and in two different types: For standard applications and for applications with high power ranges and/or long duty cycles. Our retaining heads and our contact tips are produced in-house to ensure a consistently high quality: Made in Germany, Made for Robots.

Tool for contact tips

The Power Lock tool for contact tips allows the quick change of the contact tip without removing the gas nozzle first. With this simple but useful tool, set-up times can be considerably reduced. Additionally, the contact tip key supports a defined fastening of the contact tip to the retaining head. With only one tool, all SKS contact tips for single-wire applications can be changed in a quick and reliable manner.

Programming tip

The programming tip is a useful aid for programming a robot to produce a weld joint with a constant free wire length. It is screwed to the retaining head and corresponds to the length of the contact tip plus the free wire length. For this purpose, it is available for the common free wire length of 12, 15 and 20 mm. Programming tips make it easier to precisely program weld joints.