Perfect solution for local deployment: The Q6pw weld process controller.

The Q6pw weld process controller offers all required basic functions and calculates the optimized parameters for each individual welding process. The user just enters the basic data as the work-piece material, weld filler, wire feeding speed and type of gas. The Q6pw controller then determines the suitable welding voltage for the short or spray arc, or the parameters for the pulse process. Additionally, a digital control unit calculates the optimum power source characteristics for every standard welding process. The controller features an auto-compensation function to stabilize the arc. This features monitors the distance to the work piece and adjusts the voltage to keep the penetration rate on a constant level.

This controller is delivered with free administration software (Q8Tool4) that easily meets any requirements of a local deployment.

The Q6pw comes preconfigured with standard parameters and a single-knob control allowing to adjust interlinked parameters.

To support their use at customers all over the world, the user may choose from nine user interface languages.