Field bus integration.

Field bus systems exchange signals via serial communication. The field bus master (in most cases the robot controller or higher-level plant control system) collects and processes the signals of the connected field bus slaves (including, among others, the welding machine). Common field bus systems are, for example, Interbus-S, Profibus DP or DeviceNet. The field bus interface FB5 translates the field bus signals for the welding machine and uses a standardized protocol. This ensures that the signals are always positioned in the same place within the field bus – independently from the field bus type. And it makes the preparation of the robot and/or the plant control system easier.

The FB5 field bus module is integrated into the system with the L-700 standard trip line. The “external” version has bores for flexible Mounting in the welding cell. The “internal” version is prepared for installation in the control cabinet.


Profibus GSD Data für Fieldbus 5

DeviceNet EDS Data für Fieldbus 5

Profinet IRT GSDML + Bitmap for Fieldbus 5

Profinet IRT GSDML + Bitmap for LSQ5X