Technology for Robotic Arc Welding

About SKS Welding Systems


Development for the benefit of our customers.

With its fine feeling for the potential of new technologies and future-oriented solutions, SKS understands itself as a creative and innovative partner of the automotive and supplier industries. A typical example for this is the fact that all welding systems can be easily connected to the controllers of all common industrial robots via the SKS Interfacing solution. Furthermore, the demand for a longer service life has become more and more important over the last few years – especially in the automotive industry.

The requirements: Optimized processes with less system installation and maintenance efforts and minimum investment.


Developments such as Direct Control Technology, the Power Joint™ torch system with limitless rotation, the Synchroweld™ control feature or the microMIG™ welding process contributes to the production benefits and market success of our customers.

The open and modular system architecture of our welding machines supports the integration of new technologies during the whole production lifecycle thereby continuously creating further application options.

Real advantages for expandability.