• The new torch series for all welding tasks.

    SKS completes its welding torch series for all industrial robots by  manufacturers including ABB, FANUC, KUKA and MOTOMAN.

    With the introduction of the first air-cooled robot welding torch systems at the end of the 1990‘s, SKS offered users of their solutions considerable optimization potential. Air instead of water – a little revolution – means: No hoses, no leaks, no damage from leaking moisture.

    The development and success of the innovative Power Joint torch systems for robots with inner cable dress motivated us to launch a complete torch series that has no equal when it comes to engineering, design and functionality. At the heart of the development are the Power Clutch switch-off box and the mechanical bayonet connection concept that allows the tool-free change of the torch neck – with an accuracy of ± 0.2 mm (Tool Center Point). For each welding torch of our series, we offer an extensive range of torch necks and precision consumables produced by SKS.

  • Single wire

    Power Joint™

    Power Joint

    A collision protection with integrated robot switch-off feature and an electric rotating joint for a torsion-free inner torch cable.

    Power Joint Lite™

    Power Joint Lite S

    Limitless rotation, less parts, less downtimes, supports collision detection of the robot.
    For hollow wrist robots with inner cable dress.

    Power Clutch™

    Power Clutch

    All the benefits of the proven Power Joint technology for robots with outer torch cable.

    Wire Select™

    Wire Select 2.0

    Welding with two different wires at a single welding station with automated wire change.

    Frontpull 8i

    Frontpull 8i

    One for all. With an integrated collision protection and an electric rotating joint for a torsion-free torch cable.

    Frontpull 8i Lite

    Frontpull 8i Lite

    One for all. With the support of robots internal collision detection and an electric rotating joint for a torsion-free torch cable.

    Frontpull 8

    Frontpull 8

    Frontpull 8 technology for robots with outer cable dress - compact dimensions and low weight for a wider range of applications.

    Dual wire

    Dual Wire 2.0™

    Dual Wire 2.0

    Parallel wires (round gas nozzle) and high deposition rates.



    Single wire Semi Automatic (SAM)

    Semi-automatic (SAM)

    Semi-automatic (SAM)

    Ergonomic Design