Dual Wire 2.0™ for double-speed welding.

The Dual Wire 2.0™ torch system uses two wires connected to one potential. The Dual Wire 2.0™ handles MIG, GMAW and PULSE processes – with either two wires or a single wire. Additionally, users may weld with two different wires in dual-wire mode, or with two different wires and gases in single-wire mode. With the Dual Wire 2.0™, materials starting from a thickness of 3 mm can be joined two times faster than single-wire technology would allow. The Dual Wire 2.0™ Weld Package uses standard components of the single-wire technology (Q8pw controller, UNI 5 interface unit, PF5 wire feeder, LSQ5 power source) – the difference: Two wire feeders PF5 R and PF5 L on one industrial robot and two power sources.

The Dual Wire 2.0™ torch system includes the HD type of the Power Clutch (collision protection), a mounting flange for the respective robot type, the torch cables and the torch neck with the pertaining consumables. With their innovative bayonet lock concept, SKS torch necks for the Dual Wire 2.0™ make installation easier than ever. Besides the quick, tool-free change of the torch neck, a TCP of ± 0.5 mm is guaranteed. The slim torch neck and the gas nozzle with a diameter of only 18 mm provide for a good accessibility to both the workpiece and the appliance.


Parts overview

Dual Wire 2.0