Benefits Frontpull 8i / FP8i Lite - in interaction with the robot:

  • maximum support of welding with process arm robots – even with low load capacities
  • low weight despite a wire feed mechanism relieves the robot and increases its dynamics
  • unlimited rotation makes reorientation movements of the robot unnecessary and simplifies its programming
  • this reduces programming effort, idle times and costs



Benefits Frontpull 8i / FP8i Lite during the welding process:

  • endlessly rotating torch system, decoupled from the robot's wrist movements
  • extremely precise wire material feeding
  • pulling wire feed provides for accurate feeding, even in difficult conditions as with the use soft wires from the coil (e.g., aluminum alloys)
  • reaches welding positions on the shortest possible path thereby reducing idle times
  • very good accessibility "on and inside" the workpiece
  • wire feeding, the flow of electrical current, signals and inert gas work without limitation, even with rotations beyond 360°
  • high-quality, lightweight and compact motor achieves high process control speeds and dynamics
  • wire feed close to the process directly in the torch system feeds wire evenly and precisely
  • TCP (Tool Center Point) accuracy after torch neck change ± 0.2 mm
  • supports microMIG and microMIG-cc processes with process arm robots, i.e. enables high deposition rates with all resulting benefits for equipment, investment and operating costs.



Benefits - Frontpull 8i / FP8i Lite - for the welding results:

  • compatible with other SKS solutions, i.e. when changing over to another solution, only the investment for the torch system incurs
  • uses standard SKS accessories such as drive rollers and torch necks
  • standard consumables such as retaining heads, contact and gas nozzles are compatible
  • torch does not cause torsional loads to the torch cable and media conduits thereby increasing their service life
  • high seam quality
  • precise and reproducible welding results
  • resulting time savings and greater efficiency
  • Power Joint technology field-proven in over 9,000 industrial systems
  • digital data transfer, evaluation, analysis, and documentation possible.