Power Joint torch system: Precise, extremely agile and air-cooled.

The Power Joint torch system perfects the interaction of the welding machine and robots with an internal torch cable. The rotating joint of the Power Joint rotates without limit (even beyond 360°) and supports the transmission of power, gas, air and wire.

Another advantage: Decoupling the torch cable from the torsional movements eliminates any torsional strain on the cable – significantly increasing the lifetime of the torch cable. The elimination of reorientation movements saves time; the torch reaches any point by the shortest possible way.

Furthermore, the Power Joint is equipped with an innovative air cooling. Air instead of water – a little revolution – means: No hoses, no leaks, no damage from leaking moisture, no superfluous components.

With the development of the Power Joint, SKS set a new industry standard: Meanwhile, over 2,500 Power Joints are successfully operating under industrial conditions worldwide.

Precision in every detail.

To ensure the perfect interaction of the welding machine and the Power Joint SKS manufactures all consumables of the Power Joint torch system (Power Lock retaining heads, Power Lock contact tips and corresponding gas nozzles) in- house. Our high-performance retaining head with screw thread provides for a reliable and precise connection. Our Power Lock contact tips with enhanced power transmission area provide for a more consistent arc quality and feature a long service life through their outstanding material characteristics.

Another core component of our high-precision system: SKS welding torches for the Power Joint – with the innovative bayonet connection concept, they make installation easier than ever. This concept ensures the quick and tool-free change of the torch neck with a TCP of ± 0.2 mm. For different welding tasks, torch necks in different designs and dimensions (see Power Joint Weld Package) are available.

The SKS collision protection for highest precision.

In case of a collision, the torch neck is deflected up to 10° to protect the torch and robot from damage. When the preset switch-off point is reached, a switching contact signals the collision to the robot. A spring-based system takes the torch neck back to its initial position (TCP) – with an accuracy of ± 0.2 mm.

Power Joint Lite S: Best support for collision detection systems of robots.

The Power Joint Lite S uses the thousand times proven Power Joint technology and was developed for supporting the internal robot collision detection. The fixed/rigid torch neck allows the precise adjustment of the robot parameters.


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