Optimized connection: The UNI 5 interface.

Robot controllers or higher-level plant control systems (e.g. SPS) use digital or analogue signals to communicate with the welding machine. The UNI 5 interface converts these signals for the welding machines. Different configurations allow interpreting a multitude of digital coding and analog levels.

The UNI 5 interface is able to connect any industrial robot to the welding machine. Based on the high level of standardization the UNI 5 is the perfect interface between the welding system control – e.g., the Q80 – and the industrial robot. Before its delivery, the UNI 5 is individually configured for the control types to be used with the welding system and robot – but the configuration may be easily changed by the user via keyboard shortcuts. The UNI 5 interface comes with a ready-for-use connection kit allowing for an easy and reliable installation.