Power and precision: The PF5 LEA wire feeder.

The PF5 LEA wire feeder: Smaller and more lightweight and with enhanced efficiency compared to conventional wire feeders, the PF5 perfectly adapts to the continuous further development of arc-welding robots. Its 70-W precision motor and state-of-the-art gear and control technologies provide for ample power and highest precision. The rugged plastic enclosure is electrically isolated. As a real “lightweight”, the PF5 is particularly suitable for the new robot generations with inner or outer cable dress.

The transfer of power and gas within the PF5 is implemented in a single point over the Power Pin. This makes any additional connections and tubes redundant. The Power Pin ensures the defined transfer of power over the full diameter of the connection. This serves to reduce electric resistance and lowers power consumption.

Another benefit: The Power Feeder PF5 is available in different versions and is also perfectly suitable for dual-wire and other special applications. The two left-hand versions PF5 L and PF5 LEA differ in the arrangement of their control panels for an optimized operation directly at the robot. The right-hand version PF5 R is designed for dual-wire and special applications.

Power Feeder PF5 with integrated gas flow sensor

The industrial proven Power Feeder PF5 is available with an additional monitoring functionality:
an integrated gas-flow sensor. The weld process controller displays the gas flow values, and can also be triggered to an alarm, in case of a non-defined gas flow rate.

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