Process control with the Q8Tool software.

The Q8Tool software lays the cornerstone for precise, comprehensive process monitoring. Our Q80, Q84r und Q84s welding process controllers include our Q8Tool extended software package for the installation of networks up to a part-related documentation (traceability).

The software offers the complete set of administrative functions of the Q8Tool4 software. Furthermore, the software features extended functionalities. These range from the tracking of manual changes, to the processing parameters, to a freely configurable recording module for the automatic storage of the preset and actually measured values of all weld seams.

The configurable recording module offers many possibilities to archive data in an orderly and retrievable way and flexibly structure the recording data. The rights management feature uses the Windows right management system. Rights can be individually assigned to each user. The integrated option to connect to Siemens SP controllers even permits the storage of data under consideration of part IDs (e.g. serial number, barcode) and therefore the unique relation of the data to workpieces (traceability).