Working locally with the Q8Tool4 software.

The Q8Tool4 software allows the implementation of a precise, comprehensive process control. With this software, welding parameters can be additionally saved and administered on a PC for documentation purposes. Besides basic functions as the reading, modifying and documenting of welding parameters, new welding parameters can be created and transmitted to the SKS welding process controller. Welding parameters such as current, voltage, wire feeding speed can be easily managed using the software. The integrated recording of measured values visualizes the aforementioned welding parameters (graphically/numerically). Additionally, the functions of the auto compensation feature and the Synchroweld process (heat input per unit length, TCP speed) are shown.

Contents that have been stored are portable, and the set-up of welding process controllers of new systems or the upgrading of existing systems to integrate new technologies are made easier. Up and above this, the Q8Tool4 software allows the reading and exporting of measured values and alarm messages. The graphical and numerical recording of measured values allows for quick identification and optimization of parameters for new workpieces. Users are thus provided a powerful tool to analyze and document their welding processes.