A reliable wire feeding system extends the service life and stabilizes the process. To this end, choosing the right liner is an important factor. Our liners are offered for steel/bronze and aluminium and for different wire diameters: 0.8-1.6 mm (steel/bronze) and 1.0-1.6 mm (aluminium). This choice ensures the reliable guidance of the harder steel/bronze wire and the softer aluminium wire. Additionally, our liners are available in different lengths.

The Power Joint torch system uses Quick Load liners: The liner is loaded from the front side. This only requires dismantling the consumables.

With the Power Clutch torch system, a Back Load liner is used. The Back Load liner is inserted from the rear side into the Power Cable (side of the wire feeder) into the torch system and crimped with an end sleeve.

The Wire Select system contains three liners. Two of them are inserted – as with the Power Clutch system – from the side of the wire feeder into the Power Cable and centered using an end sleeve, after the Power Pin cap has been removed. After opening the bayonet connector cap, the liner is inserted into the torch neck from the rear side.

The Frontpull torch system uses two liners – one in the torch neck and another one that guides the wire from the Frontpull torch body to the Frontpull module. The front liner is inserted from the torch body to the torch neck, the second is inserted into the Power Cable from the side of the Frontpull module as with the Wire Select system.