Torch necks

SKS torch necks are available in different geometries and lengths to match all single-wire torch systems. Besides their good accessibility, the torch necks feature a high material strength by design and air-cooled versions are capable to handle a maximum load of 420A at a duty cycle of 60%. While water-cooled torch necks are usually manufactured from thinner-walled materials and are thus easy to deform, SKS’ air-cooled torch necks are “rugged by design” and feature a high dimensional stability. This ensures that the TCP of ± 0.2 mm can be kept even when touched in an “ungentle” way.

Additionally, the torch necks provide generous contact areas for power transmission at a low resistance. A bayonet quick-lock connection system enables quick and reliable change cycles under adherence to a TCP von ± 0.2 mm. The torch necks consist of a bayonet connector cap, an insulator, and the torch neck itself, to which the consumables are mounted.

For applications requiring a particularly high accessibility, SKS offer a special version of their torch neck (ZK type, maximum load: 250 A at a duty cycle of 60%). This type requires a smaller insulator, a more compact retaining head and a shorter gas nozzle. Our standard contact tips can also be used with ZK applications.


Overview – Torch necks

Overview – single-wire torch necks