Wire Select 2.0: One torch – two weld fillers.

Wire Select 2.0 allows welding with two different wires on the same work piece – without the need to change the torch system or feed lines. With only one power source, one controller, one torch, and two wire feeders, you are able to complete your welding task using two different weld fillers, two different gases, and two different processes (e.g. pulse / brazing) with a single weld machine. Inefficient exchange times required to change the weld filler are eliminated.

Precision in every detail.

To ensure the perfect interaction of the weld machine and the Wire Select 2.0 torch system, SKS manufactures all consumables of the Wire Select 2.0 torch system (Power Lock retaining heads, Power Lock contact tips and corresponding gas nozzles) in-house. Our high-performance retaining head with screw thread provides for a reliable and precise connection; our Power Lock contact tips with enhanced power transmission area provide for a more consistent arc quality and feature a long service life through their outstanding material characteristics. Another component of our high-precision system: With the innovative bayonet lock concept, SKS welding torches make installation easier than ever. Besides the quick, tool-free change of the torch neck, a TCP of ± 0.2 mm is guaranteed. For each welding task, SKS offers torch necks with special designs and dimensions (see Wire Select 2.0 Weld Package).

For hardly accessible workpieces.

For the joining of workpieces that are poorly accessible, SKS offers a special torch neck (ZK type, up to max. 250 A). This neck uses a smaller isolator and smaller gas nozzle. Our standard Power Lock contact tips can still be used.

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